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Offline Playback

Download content temporarily to your device to access video series even when you’re not near an internet connection, such as on an aeroplane. On the series page, locate and tap the download icon next to any episode available for offline playback. You’ll need an internet connection to complete the download but not to watch the downloaded sessions.

Audio-Only Mode

If you enjoy listening to podcasts or audio books, you can now also listen to RightNow Media @ Work video content through audio-only mode to preserve your device’s power and data consumption. When you’re playing a video, tap the orange and white play icon in the top right corner to switch to audio-only mode.

Share Content

Found a video series you think others will love, too? Easily share it with colleagues, friends, or family within the app by clicking the Share button on the series page under the cover image. You can then choose which method you’d like to use to share the video series from your phone’s sharing options.

Send Invites

Share the extensive RightNow Media @ Work library of video-driven resources with others. The Invite option is in the navigation slide-out panel under your profile name. After you enter the recipient’s email address, he or she will receive an email with a link to set up a profile.

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